Our Vision

We see a world where every child, no matter what their age or ability, can access the healing power of yoga and achieve their true divine potential.


Our Values

We believe everyone should have access to the healing power of yoga.

We see every child, not the disability or diagnosis

We aim to help each child to feel comfortable and peaceful within themselves and enable them to reach his or her full potential.

We support the whole family in the health and wellbeing of every child we meet.








Our Mission

  • To serve as the home for Yoga for the Special Child® in London.
  • To offer Yoga for the Special Child® therapy sessions to children with special needs regardless of their age, ability, ethnicity or financial status.
  • To work closely with families to ensure they understand the benefits of yoga to their children.
  • To offer group adult yoga for parents of children with special needs to further support our families.
  • To be ambassadors for Yoga for the Special Child® - the Sonia Sumar method, and the Integral Yoga approach.
  • To serve as a meeting point for the community of Special needs in the area and London-wide, so parents, teachers and healthcare professionals can exchange ideas, links and support each other.
  • To offer a London home for our Founder, Sonia Sumar to teach Yoga for the Special Child® and train more people in this method and create a strong healthy community of Practitioners.
  • To teach Hatha Yoga classes for adults and run short courses and workshops on yoga, diet and meditation.