17th - 23rd June 2017 

We are so exited to share this beauty with you ! Join us ! 


Gravito is truly a gem and an incredible place of beauty tranquility, earthiness and goodness. A place were we can rest our feet and hearts, dig deep to recharge and reach high to aspire and enliven the spirit. We would have the chance to  immerse in the deeper layers of yoga. 

Daily Schedule: 

  • Meditation at sunrise
  • Yoga class 
  • Breakfast
  • Nature walks
  • Chill out time / free time
  • Raja yoga ( yoga philosophy ) discussions
  • Evening yoga class at sunset
  • Dinner
  • Mantra practice at the open fire and or Yoga Nidra ( guided relaxation ) before bed time and or just silent meditation :) 


1:1 session with Denisa  to work on developing a self practice and or a head and shoulders massage. 

Price and Bookings: 

You can come for the whole week or just some of it like a long weekend away sort of thing. 

Gravito's prices are : 
10+ students - €55 per person per night full board. 
6 to 9 students - € 75 per person per night full board. 

If we can get a group of 10 of us then we can have the €55 per night price which will be really great ! 

Yoga Classes Price: 

Yoga classes are not included in the price so  we have decided to  do the following.

Sliding scale option of £15 to £20 per day for all yoga related offerings : daily meditations,  two classes,  yoga philosophy introduction, 1:1 session and massage. 

All takings will go directly to MahaDevi's Centre's fund which is set up with the sole purpose of supporting families of children with special needs who can not afford regular yoga therapy sessions for their child. Your practice becomes theirs.