Surviving the holidays...

How to Enjoy a Conscious Christmas 

Christmas holds the promise of family, friends, feasts and festivities, which means we usually enter the New Year with empty pockets and those dreaded extra pounds around the middle! Unbridled consumerism is encouraged as we drown in a sea of plastic and used wrapping paper. Nursing that killer cold  and feeling completely burnt out we wonder what it is all about? Surely there is a better way to do things!? We think so!  Here are our top tips on beating the winter blues and Christmas chaos and ensuring that you have a peaceful, eco-friendly and cold-free Christmas! 

1. Sing 

Okay so you don’t even need to embrace Christmas for this to work. Singing each morning in the shower or on the way to work is a great way to warm the vocals chords up ahead of all that socialising. Singing improves lung capacity and helps release those oh some tingly endorphins. So let those cheesy festive lyrics worm their way in, take a deep breath and ding dong merrily away.

2. Invoke

Christmas can sometimes feel like a sad occasion. The mind wonders to loved ones who have passed on or family and friends that I cannot be with. To honour them, light a candle each evening to invoke all your ancestors, call them in and ask for their protection.

3. Reflect 

We can have a tendency to focus on the negative so it is really important to look back on the year, to remember your triumphs as well as the more challenging times. Allow the memories of the previous year, joy, fear, and sadness and allow these memories to wash over you and write a list of everything you are grateful for happening in 2018.

4. Relax

As important as it is to think of others during this season it's also important to think of yourself, to give yourself the opportunity to be calm, to relax and allow the body that all important rest time. Why not book a yoga class, meditation, Qi Gung or join us for Yoga Nidra on Sunday 16th.

5. Boost 

The body releases the stress hormone cortisol when fighting infections such as the common cold, research suggests that stress-reliving techniques such as yoga and breathing exercises help boost you immunity! Gentle yoga poses not only help you combat sickness but also helps to relieve you of those everyday aches and pains. Give yourself an early Christmas present and save yourself from sickness!

6. Create

Why not shelve the consumerism this year and have a greener Christmas by making more from scratch. Why not try homemade wrapping paper, gift tags, decorations and E-cards. You can even create entertainment choosing board games, walks or carol singing over TV. Much better for the planet too.

7. Compost

Speaking of the planet you will feel so much better in yourself if your impact this Christmas has been minimal and any impact you have made has been a positive one. So keep it clean and keep it green by remembering to to compost, mulch, recycle, reuse, upcycle, hire, make, don’t make, swap and borrow.

8. Volunteer

Solitude is a vital for peace of mind but loneliness can be devastating. Why not donate your time and energy to helping a charitable project of visiting a care home to help out on Christmas day. You may make someone’s day by implying serving them a hot dinner or providing an ear to listen with.

A final word from us, Christmas is the season of charity, so if you were looking for a charitable gift to give, then why not a yoga pass at our centre? Everyone needs yoga in their life!

Buy someone a free yoga pass to our class where matts are provided and money goes in support of yoga therapy for children and young people with special needs.