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“I have nothing but pure Love and Respect for the work that Denisa and the Team at MahaDevi Yoga Centre are doing, the Love and Commitment from these beautiful souls is almost tangible. They have created a beautiful, healing oasis of calm in the busy hustle and bustle of London.” - Melvyn Carlile, M.D MBS London Wellbeing Festival  


Welcome to MahaDevi, Roberta Sumar Yoga Centre - The Home of  Yoga for the Special Child®  - the Pioneering Yoga Therapy method for Children and Adults with Special Needs developed over 45 years ago by the renowned senior yoga teacher Sonia Sumar. We offer low cost 1:1 yoga therapy  sessions to the population of special needs and regular adults yoga classes as a away of supporting our work with the children with special needs. When you attend a class with us 50% of what you gives goes to MahaDevi Fund, set up purely in order to support those families who cannot afford a therapy session for their child. Your practice goes a long way, every move you make on the mat is a gift. We also offer pregnancy yoga , monthly kirtan and specialised yoga teacher trainingsAll our yoga therapists have directly trained with Sonia Sumar, Founder of Yoga for the Special Child®  and  all our yoga teachers have trained in  Traditional Hatha Yoga- the root of all modern yoga styles.  Our Yoga therapy treatments  are open to all families with children with special needs  including  Autism, Down's syndrome, Epilepsy, Prader-Willi syndrome, Hemiplegia, ASD, ADD, ADHD, Eye Impediments, ME, Sciatica, Cerebral palsy, Speech impediments, behaviour issues, wheelchair users and many more.

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Yoga for The Special Child - Sonia Sumar Method

Every child can benefit from yoga, no matter what their challenges in life.

Yoga for the Special Child Method improves muscle strength and balance, increase motor functions, promote flexibility and correct postural alignment, increase self awareness, promote calm, organised mental states. ALL contributing to a happier and healthier child. MahaDevi is open 7 days a week and we see children for yoga therapy every day. Drop us a line and we will do our very best to find a way to meet your child's needs.

“ Thank you so much for the amazing class! I can see Felix improving every week! Long it may continue!”

Bridget, mum to Felix who has severe Epilepsy

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Train with us !

We offer a unique Specialised Yoga Teacher Training Programs "Yoga for The Special Child - Sonia Sumar Method" which is build of two parts Basic 1 and Basic 2 offering you the chance to learn how to teach yoga to children and adults with Special Needs.

We also offer a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Hatha Yoga, both led by Sonia Sumar as well.

Sumar is a worldwide recognised senior Yoga Teacher with over 45 years of experience and the founder of the First ever Yoga Therapy Program for Special Needs. Many of the current Yoga therapy approaches were inspired and originated from the training Sumar offers worldwide.

Her life long dedication to yoga for Special Needs is inspirational and has changed the life of many. Come train with us and make a difference in the life of many.

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Join us for a yoga class

Before 9:00am and after 6:00pm our centre becomes a space where we offer Traditional Hatha Yoga classes for the general public. We were listed as one fo the Top 10 best Yoga Centres in London in TimeOut !

50% of what you pay for class goes directly to the MahaDevi Fund and makes it possible for a child with special needs from a low income background to attend a yoga therapy session weekly. As you grow and progress on your yoga path so does a little yogi thanks to you ! What a better gift then this !

Have a look at our timetable, come and say hello and get on the mat! We offer Beginners, Intermediate and Open level classes because at Mahadevi we believe with all our hearts that yoga is for Everyone.

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Yoga changed 9-year-old Daniel's life.

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