Our History

MahaDevi Yoga Centre was created as a dedication to the work of an incredible woman and an internationally renowned senior yoga teacher Sonia Sumar.

Sonia or Sivakami as she is known to all her students, created the Yoga for the Special Child® Method, a pioneering method of yoga therapy for children with special needs, over 40 years ago when her second daughter Roberta was born with Down's Syndrome. In  Brazil, where Sivakami is from, there were no therapies available to help the development of her child so out of need, devotion and love for her daughter, Sonia started applying and teaching yoga to Roberta from as early as three weeks old, with one hope and purpose - to help her child develop to her full potential and have a better life.

The results of Sonia’s work were so outstanding that it surprised the doctors and the specialists. It was clear yoga enhanced the development of her child in a way that no other therapy could.

After the passing of Roberta, Sonia had two choices; sorrow and sadness or embracing a life long mission of sharing the gift Roberta left as legacy. That is how Yoga for the Special Child® was born. Sivakami dedicated her life to spreading the knowledge she has gained from working with her daughter.  

Sivakami has spent over 40 years teaching this unique method across the globe helping countless numbers of children. She has published books and CDs, and gives talks and lectures at international conferences, hospitals, schools, and to governmental bodies and other institutions around the world. 

We are honoured to give Yoga for the Special Child® a home in London.